These Dating Coaches Explain Why No One is Swiping Right on Your Profile


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Dating has always been somewhat of a game, but when online dating and dating apps came into the picture, the game was taken to a whole new level. While some may enjoy swiping until their thumbs go numb, others are taking their time on dating apps seriously, crossing their fingers that they will meet their perfect match.

That’s why it can be super frustrating when you spend hours looking for matches and find that nobody seems to be matching with you. If you’re wondering what you might be doing wrong, here are tips from four dating coaches on why no one is swiping right on your profile.

  1. Your profile says nothing

“Your profile can be full of words, but do they say anything? Things like, ‘I like to laugh and have fun,’ or ‘I’m comfortable in jeans or black tie,’ are meaningless cliches. To avoid Continue reading

7 Terrible Dating Tips to Discard Immediately, if Not Sooner


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Finding a mate: It’s an evolutionary thing, so we’re programmed to do it, right? But the world and its inhabitants are full of bad dating advice—and sometimes, we’ll hear then out just for kicks, mostly because dating can be so tough that it’s tempting to try anything.
But before you lend your ear to every well-meaning friend or relative’s suggestions on finding a date or turning it into a relationship, pause and read this first. If their advice has any resemblance to the stuff you see here, let it go in one ear and out the other. Below, seven things experts say never to do, no matter who suggests it.

Wait Three Days to Call and Text Back.

Nope. Not only is three days a ridiculous amount of time to wait, but if you treat dating and love like a game, one—or both—partners will end up the loser. If you’re into it, shoot them a text or call, or respond within a time frame that you’re comfortable with, says Simon Marcel Badinter, host of iHeart Radio love advice show The Rendezvous with Simon and Kim. “It has to be honest and spontaneous if you want to be respected and start a healthy relationship.” In other words, no pretending you were too busy to reply to a “how’s it going?” text until three days after you got it. Not cute. Continue reading

How To Get More Messages When You’re Online Dating

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Anyone who does any online dating knows that the messaging system can be harrowing. Whether it’s unsolicited dick pics, brilliant one-liners that just say “sup?”, or just never getting a response, the back and forth of messaging on dating apps and sites can get exhausting. Luckily for you, however, there are ways you can fill out your online dating profiles that will ensure you actually get messages and, if you’re really on it, good messages.

Demetrius Figueroa, founder of the dating blog and podcast Tao of Indifference, has plenty of experience with online dating. His best line in his own dating profiles is “All of my shirts are made of boyfriend material,” which you can’t deny is pretty brilliant. I asked Figueroa if it’s even worth it to craft a great online dating profile, considering how stressful it can be. Continue reading

Reboot your love life: Modern-day matchmaker experiments with online dating project


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One Perth woman has decided to use a mix-and-match approach of social media and old-fashioned introductions to help her friends, and their friends, find love.

Inspired by a successful matchmaking effort a few years ago, Brooke Lingard has developed a new online project called My Friend’s Friend.

“I went out to a quiz night and a friend of mine brought her friend with her,” Ms Lingard said.

“She was amazing so I ended up setting her up on a date with my husband’s friend and it all worked. Continue reading

How to Approach the Dating Game When You Have Kids

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Once Andrew* found himself suddenly single after the end of his 11-year marriage, he’s been pleasantly surprised at his return to the world of dating.

Soon after separating about 12 months ago, the father-of-two began checking out dating sites. Rather than wanting to plunge straight into something new, he says he was mainly curious, and wanted to know what to expect when he was ready.

But romance, at least of the short-term kind, came quicker than expected when Andrew found himself on a nerve-filled first date organised via Tinder. Continue reading

My Online Dating Skills were Good for Something: They Helped me Buy a New Car

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My trusty little Honda Civic died in the middle of the Fourth of July weekend. We’d been together for 13 years. Like anybody trying to pick up the pieces after a long-term relationship, I knew I had to get back out there or I’d find myself alone on the interstate, hitching my way to work. After an appropriate period of mourning and visits to the loan officer at my credit union, I would need a new car.

I would also need to go about it differently this time around. The last time I was looking for a car, a Republican was in the White House and Netflix still sent me DVDs. A lot has changed on the scene since then. Continue reading

5 Women Explain What Life is Like After Quitting Dating Apps

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Emotional numbness. The ability to come up with whip-smart double entendres on the spot (actually so useful in so many situations, IMO). Jacked thumbs. These are the symptoms of dating-app addiction, a disease that affects millions of Tinder/Bumble/Hinge/ FarmersOnly users across the globe. Here, five women—some in recovery, some relapsed—on finding heart in a heartless dating culture and what it’s like once you make it to the other side.


“I feel so much less pressure after quitting the apps. I hadn’t realized how much of my free time was spent swiping through hundreds of faces. Now that I have stopped, I have so much more time to engage in real-life conversations with my roommates instead of being sucked into my apps with my thumb glued to the phone. Continue reading

Online Dating is Harder for ‘Classically Attractive’ Women

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No one feels particularly special on a dating app. That’s what I want to tell her. My best friend, who looks like the racially ambiguous lovechild of Brad Pitt and Pocahontas, waves her phone at me in righteous indignation.

She is not alone. Several of my “classically attractive” friends are pissed off. Society tells them they’re beautiful and they’re mad at Tinder and other dating apps for not providing better prospects. They’re also mad at me. I’m the average-looking sidekick, “the one who online dates” and it’s my fault they aren’t having a better time.

“You have no idea what it’s like to be called beautiful all the time,” a good friend once remarked. “It’s like your biggest accomplishment is something you didn’t do yourself.” Continue reading