Here’s a list of questions I am frequently asked (if you have a question to add to this list, add it to the comments section below):

Q: “Aren’t online dating sites just full of no-hopers with no social skills?”

No! Just not at all, to even consider online dating it means that you have at least something in common with all of the other users!

Q: “how much does online dating cost?”

It can cost as much or as little as you like, a bunch of our favorite free sites are a really good start.

Q: “whats better apps or websites?”

This is really personal opinion but apps are often easier in the mobile world that we live in, the dedicated websites seem to be a little more serious.

Q: “whats the best choice for me? ”

There really is no right answer to this question, if one of the niches in our list aligns well for you then that is a good place to start! If you looking for a easy to use option that you can use on the run then an app is a great, otherwise I would recommend having a look at some of the websites.

Q: “how do the paid sites work?”

Most dating sites are free with the option for “premium” services for a small fee. Other sites are a paid subscription and have no free option.

Q: “what can i do to get the most out of online dating?”

First things first, you should put a bit of effort into making your profile. Picking the right pictures (no selfies!) can make a big different to the effectiveness of your online dating!

Q: “BUT WONT people judge me for online dating?”

It is pretty unlikely that anyone is too interested in your online dating, 99.95% of the people who view your profile also have profiles on the online dating site!

Q: “but aren’t all dating sites just for hook ups?”

Just no! Some dating sites are almost solely for hookups but the vast majority are not.

Q: “Okay sounds great but is it safe?”

Online dating is as safe as you want to make it. Choose to meet someone for the first time in the middle of the bush, expect the worst! Meet over a coffee in a friendly local cafe and you should be safe as houses.

Q: “so its done, your on the first date: Is there really such a thing as fashionably late?”

People will argue this till the end of time, its our belief that being on time not early nor late is the best impression you can make on your first date!

Do you have any other questions? Have I missed something? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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