Men Share The Surprising Things They REALLY Want Women To Do When Using Online Dating – Including Engaging In Political Debates And Always Messaging First

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Article Source DailyMail

Most people who have tried online dating have experienced the frustration that comes from composing what they believe to be a clever message, only to have their crush disappear forever into the black hole of cyberspace.

In an attempt to demystify dating myths and help women land a date, asked real men what they wish women did more of on dating apps – and the results are surprising and insightful.

The men have shared what messages actually inspire replies – and the ones that fail miserably.

The overriding theme from the survey revealed that men really do want women to message them first.

‘It makes me more interested in her if she puts in the effort to get the ball rolling,’ said one man.

The website also found that men want ladies to spice up their conversation, with one man saying he wishes women would engage in political debate and another called for ladies to engage in a more stimulating conversation ‘rather than simply writing “hey” or “hi”.’
Countless men also said they wish women would refrain from ‘ghosting’ them.

Ghosting is the act where someone simply disappears by ending all contact with them without warning or explanation.

‘At least be honest and say you’re not feeling it,’ said one.

dating menA recent study found that men are actually 98 per cent more likely to respond better to more aggressive messages, such as ‘What are you up to?’, while their female counterparts are 40 per cent more likely to reply to messages about food like ‘Chocolate, red velvet or funfetti?’

Males also have shorter attention spans: If they don’t receive a response to a message within six hours, a quarter of them will drop out of sight, compared with only five per cent of women.

Couples between the ages of 24 and 28 were most inspired by ‘lifestyle’ openers such as ‘Better adventure: Rock climbing or scuba diving?’ or ‘Sunday priorities: Exercise, sleep or aggressive mimosas?’

Meanwhile, the over-35 crowd liked lines like ‘Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?’ and ‘Bears, beets or Battlestar Galactica?’

Article Source DailyMail

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