Online Dating For Your Four Legged Friends!

Dog Pair

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A new online service called Dogshare now brings that fun online “meet and greet” to your favourite furry friends. The service matches dog owners and dogs with others in their area that are looking for doggy dates. By uploading a picture and some information about your pet, you can match with other dogs of the same breed or temperament for a play date.

This service can also be used to help those pet owners that are unable to walk their pet regularly due to work or even health ailments to find people that are happy to help out. Some also use the service to get a temporary dog fix either because they don’t have the time for a dog of their own or perhaps live in a place that doesn’t allow them to own one. Dogshare allows them to find people who need their dog walked and volunteered to be the one that does it. Jess Thomas, the creator of Dogshare, told ABC “People write to me and say … ‘I absolutely love dogs, but I’m now working full-time hours where I know I couldn’t give a dog everything it needs, and I would just love more than anything to take a dog for a walk once a week’”.

Originally Thomas created the app to help her with her dog issues. She told ABC “I work full time, I’ve got two kids under five and a German short-haired pointer that just requires an enormous amount of exercise and attention,” and with professional doggy day car costing a mint she came up with this idea. Not only has this app helped her out, but it’s helped dog owners and people who want dogs all over the country.

Would you use this for your dog? What do you think of the idea?

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