It’s A Date! How To Prepare For Your First Meeting In Person

index1. Hydrate

It helps to stay hydrated to avoid the extra stress sweats, and did you know drinking water stave’s off bad breath?

2. Eat

There’s nothing like low blood sugar or a grumbling stomach to distract you from a conversation.

Munch on an apple or a few walnuts before you go.

3. Create A Pump-Me-Up Playlist

Distract yourself from pre-date nerves by listening to music while you get ready.

A mix of upbeat, dance tunes should get you in the mood for having a good time.

4. Shower

This is a no brainer, but not only will you smell good, he hot water will relax you.

5. Break In Your Shoes

Get comfy in your shoes before wearing them on a date, nothing worse than falling over or getting horrid blisters to interrupt your fun time!

6. Ditch Your Bad Dating Attitude

start fresh with every first date, they wont all be bad, so don’t start off assuming that it wont go well, you may be pleasantly surprised!

7. Choosing An Outfit

Give yourself some time to think about this, but try not over think it.

Make sure what you wear is appropriate for the occasion, for example don’t wear a dress to go rock climbing!

And for the guys, stubbies are never a good idea for a dinner date!

8. Make Sure You Enjoy Yourself!

Even if you don’t think it really worked out, still have fun, and if you arrange for another date, even better!!

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