How To Flirt When Online Dating

imagesCome across someone you like online?

Think they have a cute profile pic and want to make the best of it?

Here is a few tips to help you flirt online the best you can.

1. Be Yourself

Flirting isn’t any fun when you’re struggling to maintain a made-up persona, so do yourself a favor and just be yourself!

2. Be Light

Flirting isn’t supposed to be serious discussion. It’s supposed to be light, fun, friendly, and (often) giddy.

Don’t talk about anything that could lead to a serious discussion, unless you’re willing to put the flirting on hold to talk about the debt crisis in Europe or last night’s GOP debate.

3. Use Extra Features

How many of you have used the “poke” feature, or the “wink” option on a site?

These little options are a great way to start an innocent flirtation, especially if you’re just not bold enough to send a message yet.

4. Set Verbal Boundaries

Before you send your first “poke” or drop your first “wink,” think about what sorts of flirting you’re going to accept, and where you’ll draw the line, then stick to it, and don’t feel bad, even for a moment, about it.

Sure, you run the risk of being called a bitch or a tease, but who cares?

Anyone who’s going to push those boundaries isn’t worth considering anyway.

5. Don’t Forget…

Don’t forget that you might meet this person face to face one day, so keep in mind how they will think about you before then.

And when you do meet up with a date, please remember to meet for the first time in a public place, just to be on the safe side!

Happy flirting everyone!

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