10 Things You Need To Know About Online Dating in New Zealand

Online-dating-doesnt-have-0011. Be Precise

When filling in your profile be as specific as possible.

Think about who you are and what makes you unusual and list both your successes and your failures.

2. Make Your English Teacher Proud

Check and double check your grammar, do a spell check and even ask a friend to read over your profile to make sure it makes sense.

Bad vocabulary is more noticeable when written!

3. Keep The Fibs To A Minimum

By telling the truth from the start you will avoid disappointments later on, but in saying that they don’t need to know everything from your profile! for example, do NOT write about your sexual history!

4. Use An Appropriate Photo

Use a photo that shows your face well.

A few things to avoid are photos that have you in the distance/hard to see well, are to saucy/sexy, with a member of the opposite sex, these will send the wrong message.

5. Provide Only A Cell Phone Number

Giving out your land line number to strangers is never a good idea, they can then find out where you live!

6. Date Within Your Region

Avoid dating someone who lives in another city to avoid the complications that come with long distance.

It will be easier to make a meeting time more convenient for the both of you as well.

7. Meet Publicly And Make Sure Someone Knows Where You Are

Remember that the person you meet online is a stranger.

8. Don’t Stay Online Too Long Before A Meeting

Don’t spend too much time going over their profile or even someone else before a date, if you know too much about them without them actually telling you it may seem a little stalkerish.

And don’t mix up profiles! You will want to be  fresh and prepared for whatever is coming.

9. Never Online Date On An Office Computer

Don’t forget your boss can see everything you do…

10. Don’t Get Seeduced In Online “Shopping”

It is not a competition as to who can get the most replies or the most dates online, remember it’s about you finding the right person for you.

11. [BONUS] Don’t Rely On Humor Or Sexual Innuendo

Senses of humor can differ depending on gender, age, culture, mood, or ethnicity or the context in which the humor is used.

Given the fact that you’re not going to be privy to any of this up front, err on the side of safety by being as straightforward as possible.

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