Online Dating For Dummies. A Crash Course

Guess what, there is actually a book titled ‘Online Dating For Dummies’! It’s written by a couple who actually met online, Judith Silverstein and Michael Lasky. online-dating

But here is a simple crash course for you in case you’re after something simple.

1. Choose A Site You Trust With Your Personal Details

This can be a difficult task, but that’s the beauty of this website, to make it easier for you. Start with a site that has lots of members already, and read up on what people are saying about the site. The more positive reviews the better your chances of it working out for you too.

2. Be Honest In Your Profile

There is nothing worse than starting off on a date and saying “Well, actually…..” but also be aware not everyone is as chivalrous in their behavior. Get a friend to help you out, they will help you put the best of you on your profile, too many people are hard on themselves and don’t promote their best qualities like they should!

3. When Should You Meet Them?

Some like to meet early, get it over with and see if there is a physical attraction before you get too engaged online. Others like to wait it out, be patient and see how things go in online conversation. So the best time for a first date, is when you feel comfortable doing so, don’t be pressured into going, as this will only start off your first date in a negative mood!

4. Where Should You Meet Them?

A nice open public place is a good way to start, maybe a cafe for a coffee/tea, or even going to the zoo, mini putt or tenpin bowling. Gives you a chance to show your fun side while your at it, and awkward silences can be filled with ‘concentration to hit the ball’!

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