Offline Versus Online Dating in NZ – Which Is Better?

online v offline

Which way is the best way, online or offline? Will we ever truly know?

Benefits of ON-Line Dating:

For the socially shy and too busy to go out, online dating is the way to go! It can be difficult to approach someone at random and say Hi, and not only that, what do you say next??

  • A cheesy pick up line
  • A did-you-know fact of the day
  • Wait and see if they say something first?
  • How about a simple compliment?

Your choices are endless.

And for those of you who just don’t have the time of day to drop into a pub on your way home or go to a cafe for a caffeine top up, a waiting email message can wait till you get that spare 5 minutes before zooming off on your next errand.

Benefits of OFF-Line Dating:

But for the rest of the population who have time on their hands or are a bit more confident, perhaps the traditional method of meeting is the better option.

  • Joining a social club or sports group
  • Churches have singles groups
  • Go to a friends BBQ
  • Joining a friend one day in something that they are involved in.

The key thing to meeting new people is put the headphones/cellphone away and give people an opportunity to say Hi to you, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Being brave and stepping up to the challenge is certainly admirable!

But if my math is right, why not double your chances and give both options a go?

The more you put yourself out there, the easier it is for ‘the one’ to find you.

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