10 Tips To Escape A Date Gone Bad

article-2171703-140263AA000005DC-400_468x3521. Fake An Allergy

This can be tricky, make sure you pick an allergy that is actually possible to fake, try a gluten or dairy allergy, and avoid nuts and shellfish allergies (its hard to fake a swollen face!)

And make sure the date isn’t a doctor before you take action.

2. Pre-Planned Rescue Phonecall

This is always a great idea to have, just in case.

Have a friend who knows you are on a date, and send them a discrete txt message, perhaps when in the bathroom, and ask them to call you in 5-10 minutes time giving you an escape!

3. Falsify An Injury

Again, make sure the date isn’t a doctor or a physio, it will only make them want to help you!

For the ladies, twisting an ankle if you are wearing heels is a good way to stop a date in it’s tracks.

Or, for the men, pulling a muscle showing off your skills could always to the trick.

4. Spill A Drink On Yourself

Ruining your outfit with a drink can call for going home to change, and then staying home…

5. Be Unlikeable

This is the easiest to pull off, no one likes a horrible person.

However it is hard for some people who just don’t have it in them to be mean.

For those people, maybe just being honest is the way to go.

6. Be A Bastard

Much like being unlikeable, nobody likes a mean person, and no one likes being openly judged on a first date, or ever!

It is a sure fire way to get out of a date early.

Ask 1 or more of the waitstaff on a date: enough said, how rude!?!

7. Don’t Order Anything At All

Nothing will make your date more awkward than being the only one eating.

8. Order The Messiest Meal (eg BBQ Ribs)

Eating like a pig is definitely not an attractive look, and is certainly off putting for many people.

Plus they always taste the best!

9. Be Bold And Just Say It Isn’t Working

This is in my opinion the best way to go, being honest and saying its not in your interest to keep seeing your date.

It may be awkward at first, but then there are no pestering emails/calls to ask for a second date and you can rest easy with a clear conscience.

10. What Technique Do You Suggest?

The 10th tip is up to you.

Write your suggestion in the comments below…

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