How Much Should You Lie In Your Online Dating Profile?


The difference between expectation and reality. Image Source:

Let’s start with the end goal in mind and work backwards.

You are looking for a relationship with someone (maybe short term, maybe long term, maybe marriage, maybe kids)

Before you get there you need to find someone you can date several times before the two of you “get serious” about each other.

So your mission is to go on dates with a variety of people until you find a good match. (A “match” being someone who likes you as much as you like them).

So you’ve turned to a variety of online dating websites to help you to find matches, right?

In your profile you describe yourself and what you want. Potential matches do the same. There are some “smarts” in the form of matching software that suggest people you should approach, or you set your criteria and browse through profile after profile looking for someone you are attracted to.

Sound good so far?

Well, the question is: How much should you lie in your profile?

The 5 Most Common lies In Online Dating Profiles

  1. Photos
    • Many people lie with their photos by using photos that are really old, or edited a bit, or the lighting makes them look better than they are in real life
  2. Weight/Physique
    • Many people lie with their weight (perhaps stating a goal weight instead of an actual weight)
  3. Height
    • Many people add on a few centimetres assuming that being taller is sexier
  4. Age
    • It is common to knock off a few years
  5. Character Flaws
    • Most people don’t mention their raciest tendencies, or poor hygiene or untidiness. All of which would be essential to know up-front. After-all, if someone loves you they’ll forgive all these flaws, right?

Why Do We Lie?

The purpose of all these efforts are to increase the chance of someone being attracted to your profile. That way, you get more people for you to consider and you are in control or accepting or rejecting them.

The downside of this strategy is that when you meet face-to-face with these people, there is a high chance they will be disappointed in the difference between what your online profile promised, and your characteristics in real life.

Do you think that is a healthy emotion or feeling to evoke in them within the first 60 seconds of meeting a potential partner?

Your 3 Choices When Choosing How Much To Lie:

  1. Lie about everything
    • Your photos & profile details. Make you look amazing
  2. Let the photos lie a little bit
    • Be accurate in your profile details but get friends to help you choose your best few photos
  3. Be straight up honest
    • A combination of flattering and raw/honest photos + accurate profile details

Which do you think is the best choice?

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